No school or activities until at least April 13th. Please check website and JMC messages for updates.

Message from Mr. Breon

Community Notice,                         Notice date - March 25, 2020

From the Desk of Mr. Breon


The School Board met this week to discuss the Corona Virus situation.

The board passed a Pandemic Pay Resolution to assure all staff will be getting paid during the schools closure due to the Corona Virus.

The board purchased a Clorox fog machine that will disinfect an entire room.  By hand cleaning all surfaces and using this machine it is our hope we can disinfect the entire school before students return and then keep it disinfected daily.

The School is continuing our breakfast and lunch programs for all students in the district. Meals will be sack meals and available for pickup in the main entrance lobby.  Breakfast will be available from 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning and lunch will be available from 12:00 to 1:00 daily.  Meals will be sacked up and ready for students and on tables in the main entrance lobby.  The only change is students may pick up breakfast and lunch at the same time in the morning so they do not have to make two trips.    

All activities at school are still canceled until April 13th and after that date things will be reevaluated.  Senior activities such as Prom, class trip and graduation are still scheduled as planned but may be pushed back as we reevaluate the situation.  Parents will be involved in this decision making process.    The building is closed to everyone except staff until further notice.

There will be no educational services required for students until April 13th and will be reevaluated at that time.  Staff however may be sending out activities for students to work on. 

Please continue to look at the WEB page, JMC emails, our emergency text system.  I will be using KMGO in Centerville as our only means of information to the community.

I appreciate your patience and support during these times.  If I can be of any help or if you have any ideas feel free to contact me at the school email.  Email at

Thank You,

Mr. Breon, Supt.

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