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Monday, August 27, 2018

posted Aug 27, 2018, 9:10 AM by Jayne Gibb

Today, Is THE day.  Make it Great!

Today's Lunch:  
Chicken Patty/Bun, Tater Tots, Green Beans. Salad Bar. and Milk.

Tomorrow's Lunch:  Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, Peas, Salad Bar, and Milk.

  • Today is the last day to change your classes!
  • REMINDER TO OUR FALL ATHELETS and BAND/CHOIR STUDENTS-  Jr High Ineligibility is pulled week by week.  Grades are pulled on Monday morning and if you have 2 D's or an F you would be ineligible to participate in any sporting event that wee Tuesday - the following Monday.  HS Ineligibility is pulled at Mid-Term which is 4 1/2 weeks into each Quarter.  Mid-Term date is 9/21.  Grades will be pulled Monday 9/24 with ineligibility lasting until the next report period which in this case would be the end of the 1st Quarter, October 19th.  Anyone with 2 D's or an F will be ineligible.  Please keep your grades up and your assignments turned in.  HAVE A GREAT YEAR!!!
  • 11th- 12th grade Honor Study Hall Students- Please make sure you pick up an Open Campus Waiver (Bright Orange) from the HS Office and take your parent to have it signed with a Notary (Chris Bickel, Julie Seals - Iowa Trust Bank, Moravia, or Vicky Baty-Baty Electric/Moravia Union Editor).  With the Notarized signed copy of the waiver you will be allowed to leave campus during the day without having to call a parent each time.  Otherwise you must call your parent before we will allow you to leave the building. 
  • Please remember, if you are gone you must bring a note the following day and have your planner signed.  If you are leaving early for a dr appt, we will either need to see your appointment card or have a parent call to dismiss you.  If you have a scheduled dr appt, you may also bring your note ahead of time and we will sign your planner at that time so you can be dismissed from the class you need to leave and also will work to dismiss your from the building.  It's always good to plan ahead for all of those affected.