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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

posted May 1, 2018, 8:49 AM by Jayne Gibb


Share some joy with your neighbors and friends.

Today's Lunch:  Chicken Wrap, Curly Fries, Green Beans, Salad Bar, and Milk.

Tomorrow's Lunch:  Chicken Patty/Bun, Tater Tots, Broccoli & Cauliflower w/Cheese, Salad Bar, and Milk.

  • Students:  Please remember to have your chromebooks  fully charged for tomorrow.  Thanks.
  • Student Council will meet Thursday morning at 8:00 in Ms. Johnsons room.  It is the Seniors last meeting.
  • LEADERS NEEDED: Student Council elections will be held before school is out.  All candidates will give campaign speeches on Friday, May 11, at the Awards Assembly. Candidates will have the next week to campaign, then the vote will be held. Ms. Johnson must be informed by Wednesday, May 9, of all intentions to run for office. All speeches must be read and approved by Ms. Johnson or Mrs. Carr.  
  • All Seniors need to stop by Central Office TODAY and pick up your FINAL CHECK OUT FORM.  
  • Sign up for Summer Driver's Ed. Take a parent letter when you sign up.  The sign up sheet is at the High School Office.
  • There is a hay rack out behind the school that someone will be looking for come haying season.  PLEASE TAKE IT TO IT'S OWNER!!